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Data ważności ogłoszenia: 2012-12-16

REPRESENTATIVE YAPOGA COM in an international web search engine, a system of international fairs, international trade magazines and product rankings (all in the process of implementation). Our unique project – on a global scale – is the implementation of website rankings: so called YapogaRank. We have already collected 32 million websites from all over the world. Our systems are displayed in 38 languages.


At the moment we are looking for representatives for in all countries of the world.


Position: Representative


Job description:


1.     maintaining contacts with companies in your country

2.     participating in global promotion of all activities

3.     representing




1.     communicative knowledge of English (in writing and reading)

2.     responsibility for your scope of activities

3.     signing a statement of data confidentiality

4.     sticking to deadlines


We offer:


1.     steady cooperation

2.     commission up to 30%

3.     chance for self-development and gaining experience

4.     participation in an international consortium


Candidates are requested to send their offers to the following address:

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