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Data ważności ogłoszenia: 2010-11-02

Merchandising Manager - UK

Retail product strategy to achieve the Sales & Margin plan. To manage the range, product supply and promotional activity.

Scope of role includes all Nokia devices, enhancements and Software across delivered throughout the retail calendar

  • Drive product management in Local Sales Unit (LSU) to meet sales and GM targets inline with budget plans, by managing range selection and product planning, to retail calendar across business models
  • Provide all LSU Nokia Retail Business Models specific Product range and quantity guidelines, through plan'o'ram and 'Min-Max' profile model guidance in accordance with global guidelines
  • To coordinate product profile demand needs with supply planning activities to optimize sales within the LSU structure
  • Support LSU mgmt and RCM to achieve business targets using channel promotional activity
  • Lead business improvement actions based on historical product sales data, margin achievement and promotional activity data
  • Provide all specified business analysis data and management reports
  • Ensure any the correct product rang and supply set up inline with planned new store deployment schedule
  • Represent Nokia Retail needs and requirements at LSU level
  • Create timely performance analysis of local level store performance to global
  • Actively participate as a member of the Global Merchandising Management team
  • Lead the coordination of LSU Go-to-Market plans and Game Planning activities with the Global NR GTM and Game Planning activities - providing all necessary feeds from LSU to Global and Global to LSU in order to ensure the smooth running of the Game Planning process
  • Achieve the LSU Nokia Retail sales and GM target by providing clear instructions and guidance of range selection, product planning and replenishment support
  • Implement at LSU the portfolio guidance through execution of the Ranging and Merchandising Policy and principles
  • Agree and implement actions regarding product prioritization and exclusivity
  • Agree, implement and monitor key KPIs for supply chain mgmt
  • Agree, implement and monitor key KPIs for portfolio & category management at LSU level
  • Ensure processes are in place to deliver required product service standards to all Nokia Retail business models
  • Ensure all business models have coordinated communication of all product plans to maximize latest product roadmaps and inventory planning purposes
  • Analyze all Nokia Retail business models range and space efficiency as benchmark by global guidelines to optimize/drive sales
  • Monitor store inventory holding and target "optimum wks stock cover" across the all business models
  • University degree in Technology, Economy or Business field and or extensive training in the relevant field.
  • Strong experience in Product merchandise management
  • Supply Chain, Sales & commercial background
  • Leadership experience
  • Experience in retail P/L budgeting,  product management & KPI driving
  • Knowledge in retail store replenishment and product allocation systems
  • Experience in store range planning and space management techniques
  • Broad understanding of mobile communication, internet services, consumer electronics & traditional mobile phones business
  • Understanding Nokia' retail strategy and how to align activities to meet them
  • Capability to drive projects and actions with sales impact, across the team
  • Good presentation, communication and personal skills

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