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MS in Computer Science with paid training in USA

We are looking for top IT software professionals who would like to earn an MS in Computer Science degree (in accredited U.S. university) with up to 2 years paid training in a U.S. IT company, such as Microsoft.

    *  Extensive financial aid available.

    * Spend 7-8 months on campus (near Chicago).

    * Up to 2 years paid training in, such as Microsoft.

    * Average annual salaries currently $50,000-60,000.

    * Little money required for first 8 months.

    * Get loan only after securing IT practical training job.

    * Repay loan prior to graduation.

    * Entries: October, February, May.

    * See

    * Students from 40+ countries currently enrolled.

    * Learn proven technology for developing increased creativity and broadened comprehension.

    * Safe, harmonious, sustainable campus.

    * Experienced, caring faculty with much industry experience.

    * Study one course per month; enjoy organic dining; single dormitory rooms.

    * Requires bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent.


Note: This is not a job or employment position. This listing is for an accredited university academic degree program which includes up to 2 years paid curricular practical training in a U.S. company with a student (F-1) visa.




Information regarding this vacancy:

Working location: United States of America

Type of employment: Part-time work

Length of contract: Fixed-term

Type of employment: Other

Benefits: Educational courses, training

Required education: Bachelor's

Required languages: English

Posted by: Recruitment agency

Practical training and short-term placement

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