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If you have what it takes to be a world-class professional and you want to join Finmeccanica Group, apply for the MASTER’S in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENGINEERING

The Finmeccanica Group is a world leader in technologically advanced business sectors, excelling in the design, development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art technologies.

Finmeccanica is a key player in Defence, Aeronautics, Helicopters, Space and Security and also has well-established skills and capabilities in the Transportation and Energy sectors.

The Finmeccanica Group generated a total turnover of €15 bn in 2008 and has 391 sites located all over the world with some 73,400 employees.

Finmeccanica is a leading player in advanced technologies, employing 5,100 researchers, 13,400 engineers and investing over €1.8 bn every year in research and development. Finmeccanica Professionals integrate innovation and technology management capabilities with business and project management skills.
Combining a distinctive set of disciplines and relying on a truly innovative teaching approach, the Master's Programme enables high-potential graduates to face their future career in areas as:

- Project Management,
- International Sales,
- Innovation and Business Development,
- Technology and Operations Management.

The Master's Course provides an intensive programme of approx. 1,500 hours full-time learning and development activities, including an internship in one of the Finmeccanica Group's Companies.

Following successful completion of the Programme, students will be offered a hiring opportunity in a Finmeccanica Group Company.

Finmeccanica also offers financial support to the selected students, covering tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses (see website

The Master's Programme will be taught in English and held in Rome (Italy).

It will start from October 2009 and end in October 2010.
Closing date for online applications is 30/06/2009.
Requirements for application and selection (see brochure on website

- At least four years' university studies (e.g. Bachelor's Degree plus a Master's Degree). Alternatively, candidates should have a Bachelor's Degree plus at least one year's relevant work experience. Laurea Specialistica for Italian Candidates.

- Degree in one of the following areas: - Engineering (e.g. Mechanical, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Aeronautics, Electrical or ICT); - Economics and Business; - Science (e.g. Physics, Mathematics).

- Most recent University Degree awarded within the past two years.

- Proficiency in English; if English is the candidate's first language, he/she must speak another language with a high level of competency.

- Some previous work experience with a relevant company or Academic Institution and GMAT certification would be an asset.
E mail:

Tel: +39 06 3247.3232
Fax: +39 06 3247.3930


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