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Międzynarodowy Program Praktyk VIE

Faurecia: Global player with leading position in the automotive supplier sector : N°8 worldwide, N°3 in Europe. We design, develop, manufacture and provide four modules for automobile makers: seats, vehicle interiors, front ends and exhaust systems.

We aim at recruiting internationally minded candidates for engineering and support positions such as: Production, R&D, Quality, Logistics, Methods,
Maintenance, HSE, Purchasing, Finance, HR...

VIE Program

Objectives : enable Faurecia to send European graduates (Master's degree) to work on an internatinal assignment anywhere in the world (excl. France)

Candidate's prerequisites : European citizens between the age of 18 and 28

Duration : 12 to 24 months  renewable once within a 2-year-period

Annual allowance : 29K€ to 45K€ according to host country

Requirements: fluent in German and/or English
Benefits of this program

    * Join Faurecia via international experience (70% of the VIEs are recruited by the end of their mission)
    * Opportunity to show your potential within the VIE period
    * Gain international skills to access further responsibilites
    * Fixed living allowance, tax free
    * Benefit from free Social Insurance
    * Opportunity to develop further language skills


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