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Production Test Developer (electronics/electrical engineers)

The Test Developer will be part of a highly skilled team in a dynamic and international work environment. Good atmosphere and working spirit within the QA-group and other groups of Upstream and Operations. Position place in the organization – reports to Operations QA Manager

Responsible and work areas:

·         Development of production tests for The employer products.

·         Implementation of tests at manufacturing partners.

·         Supporting the manufacturers in their everyday production.

·         Draw up requirements and follow up external test developing partners.

·         Taking our production tests to a new level.

·         Work with QA globally to improve our business processes.

Work tasks (estimated time spent on main work tasks)

·         Development of production tests for products (70% time)

·         Draw up requirements and follow up external test developing partners. Implementation of tests at manufacturing partners, secure test setup quality (25%)

·         Supporting the manufacturers in their everyday production (5%)

·         Taking our production tests to a new level

What’s most interesting with this position:

·         Part of setting new strategies for how to develop and execute efficient production tests.

·         Strong influence within Operations, R&D and Manufacturing partners in order to define right level of production test efficiency and coverage for securing product quality.

Fixed salary

·         450-500 000 NOK


·         Yes, based on MBO-results.

Preferred start up date: As soon as possible

Work time/expected overtime

·         40/0-5 depended on the projects, activities, incidents, etc.


·         Some travelling, mostly within Northern Europe

Training Period

·         6-12 months before the we expect the person to be self driven and can be responsible for test development projects.

Important skills to succeed in the job (listed after importance)

·         Skills within processes, concepts, methods and tools for develop production tests

·         Programming (e.g. Tcl/TK, Python, LabView, TestStand)

·         We are looking for candidates with initiative, team spirit and enthusiasm.

·         Good communication skills with different disciplines is important to succeed.

·         Network (what kind of networks would be good if the candidate had)

·         Relationship to colleagues with good QA-knowledge or Production test knowledge and right attitude, which could be interesting in working for The employer

·         IT-competence (Level, must have + preferably)

Must have:

·         Microsoft Office

·         Preferable programming tools: Tcl/TK, Python, LabView, TestStand, understanding of electrical components and computer architecture

Language (and level)

·         Fluently english written and communication skills

·         After 6-12 months in practice: Norwegian communication skills (ability to communicate with operators in our Manufacturing partners in Norway).


Application deadline: As soon as possible
Contact: +48 91 8128 001, +48 519 178 269

Send your CV to:


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