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Guest Room Attendant, Kitchen Utility Help, Cafeteria attendant

Employer Name: Xanterra Parks and Resorts Grand Canyon South Rim
Employer Type: Large Hotel
Employer Region: West
Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Work Description: Please note that this job offer has a supplemental attachment with more details about your job and getting to the Grand Canyon. Your position: The jobs being offered include Guest Room Attendant (GRA: housekeeping; $7.50/hr; cleaning hotel guest rooms for guest occupancy); Kitchen Utility (KU: $7.50/hr; Dish machine operation, pot washing, kitchen sanitation); and Cafeteria Attendant ($7.50/hr; clearing tables, washing dishes, preparing food, serving food). The jobs are physically demanding and you must be able to bend, kneel, and lift frequently during the course of a regular workday. Other positions that may be available include Retail Clerk, Prep Cook, and others, depending on your arrival date, how long you can stay, and your English speaking capabilities.


Everyone is tested for drug use prior to being housed. It is a simple urine test. If the test strip shows positive the sample must be sent to the lab for analysis and you won't be checked into housing or employed without a negative result from the lab, which takes 3 to 5 days. It is extremely important that you are able to pass the pre-employment drug test or you will not be housed or employed. Drug testing also takes place after accidents, for cause, and at random. Uniform/Dress Code: Please maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Long hair should be tied back and tattoos and unconventional piercings should not be visible. One earring in each ear is allowed while in uniform; no other visible piercing is allowed. You should wear comfortable, close toed shoes such as sneakers while working. A company uniform will be provided at no charge consisting of shirt/blouse and pants. Salary Per Hour: $7.50

Overtime Information: Possible but not guaranteed.


Work Hours: 6-10 hours per day, 5-6 days per week. There are no guarantees of minimum hours. Weather conditions, and economic trends can affect business and hours worked can vary according to uncontrollable circumstances. You'll average at least 30 to 40 hours per week. During the month of September, it is very likely you'll work some overtime. Accommodation Cost: 16


Accommodation Description: Housing is dormitory-style with 2 or 3 people per room or cabin, and costs a maximum of $16 per week (40 cents per hour). There are a few rooms that will accommodate a mixed-gender couple but there is no guarantee that this will be available the day you walk in the door. If your employer knows ahead of time who wants to be housed together, that helps. So--if you have a roommate request before you get here, let the employer know and your employer will do their best to place you in the same dorm room together. Understand that the employer cannot GUARANTEE you will be housed together. Meals can be eaten at the Employee Cafeteria (E-café) for employee prices; and you may eat in the guest cafeterias at a 50% discount. If you buy 3 meals a day at the cafeterias, you will spend probably $5 to $8 per day for food. There is a grocery store here and you may have food in your room. Although there are no kitchens for you tousle, you may use a dormitory microwave (available in the common areas), or you may choose to have a slow-cooking pot or rice cooker in your room because it does not have an exposed heating element. No cooking on hot plates in dorm rooms or cabins!-due to fire danger.

Travel Time From NYC to Job Site: 6 hours Approximate Travel Cost: $350 Travel Mode: Plane/Bus

Description of Business: Xanterra is the largest park and resort management company in the U.S. They are a recognized leader in park and hospitality management and have received recognition for their environmental management and conservation programs. They operate parks and destinations throughout the United States. The Grand Canyon South Rim location has facilities that include more than 900 guest rooms; 7 restaurants, cafeterias, and snack bars; and 10 retail shops along the South Rim.


Description of Area: The Grand Canyon is a beautiful location located 90 minutes away from the nearest city, which is Flagstaff, Arizona. The people who enjoy their time here the most are those who enjoy outdoor activities such as photography and hiking. During the summer and fall it can be very warm to hot during the days, but is cool to cold at night. The altitude is about 2000 meters (7000 ft), which means you will need sun screen to prevent sunburn. This is a high desert. You will need hand and face lotion, Chap Stick for dry lips, and you will need to drink at least 2 liters of water each day to keep hydrated.


GETTING TO THE GRAND CANYON: Please note the date and time for your arrival to the employment office. Depending on the date of your arrival and orientation in New York, you should plan accordingly. More information is included in the attachment. Please see the date indicated on the attachment. This date is when you are expected to arrive at the park. You cannot arrive earlier. You may want to try and change your arrival date in NYC. InterExchange can try and accommodate you. However you need to let us know what you would like to do as soon as possible. Or you may want to plan on spending a few extra days in NYC. You can also spend a few extra days in the Grand Canyon. One of the attachments has Grand Canyon Hostel information. Please let InterExchange or your employer know if you have any questions. Do not change your arrival date in NYC until you have permission from InterExchange.


We need to make sure that a hotel room will be available for you first. Also, you may want to fly to your job. This is more expensive but faster. Or you can take a bus. This will take about 2 days and it is actually an interesting drive. If you want to take the bus, you may not need to change your arrival date or spend extra nights in a hostel. You should arrive on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Orientation is held on Thursdays and that is the first day you will start earning money. You can arrive on a Thursday, however, if your travel arrangements are such that it can't be helped. You must NOT arrive on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or after 5:30 p.m.! There is no one here to check you into housing because offices are closed. Most people fly to Phoenix; take a Greyhound bus to Flagstaff, then Open Road Tours (ORT) shuttle from Flag to the Canyon. ORT may have shuttle service from Phoenix. See this website for information: ORT will drop you off at Maswik Lodge, one of our hotels. A Guest Service Agent at the hotel front desk will contact the housing office and our van will come pick you up.

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