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Safety Physicians - Medical Doctor

Lugera & Maklér operates in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Netherlands, Armenia, and Poland. It's our passion to help people. Our mission statement is to constantly increase and use our ability to add value for Customers, Candidates, Colleagues and other Stakeholders!

Opis stanowiska:

  • Evaluation and analysis of reported adverse events for assigned vaccines and writing of clinical safety reports under supervision of the Head of the Safety Evaluation and Risk Management team
  • Analysis and evaluation of clinical safety for marketed vaccines (in cooperation with the safety scientist and case management group) in order to fulfill the worldwide regulatory requirements
  • Assisting or performing medical analysis and assessment of specific safety questions and providing advise on safety related medical questions to central and local Safety departments or any other relevant staff
  • Providing medical input to the evaluation of safety signals for designated products in partnership with the responsible safety scientist
  • Reviews clinical protocols to ensure that they are aligned with the Safety sections of the Clinical Development Plan
  • Reviews study reports, investigator brochures and submission applications in partnership with the responsible safety scientist
  • Contribution to pre-PSUR meetings and to the medical assessment of PSURs , review of the final draft
  • Coordinating the conception, writing and follow-up of risk management plans
  • Providing a proactive reflection on the impact of recommendations or analysis results


  • Medical degree: ideally with specialization - neurology, infectious diseases, immunology, medical analysis and internist
  • Knowledge through experience or specialized training in pharmacovigilance and signal detection tools (data mining) is required; an experience in science / medical writing is a plus
  • Good communication skills, ability to manage a wide variety of contacts internal and external to the company (RA, marketing, authorities, investigators etc.)
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Proven analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong interest for legal and safety issues
  • Strong interest for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Excellent mastery of English, written and spoken. All candidates will need to pass an English Proficiency test
  • Integrity and a strong feeling for ethics
  • Self motivating, and able to demonstrate capability to work independently
  • Team player, strong sense of urgency, performance driven and delivers to timelines
  • Computer literate, familiar with using scientific and clinical data bases
  • Strong personalities. As candidates will relocate to & establish themselves in Belgium and be exposed to another environment, culture, languages etc, they need to be adaptable, strong willed and disciplined


  • Career opportunities at a leading Pharmaceutical company in Belgium
  • Challenging projects
  • Possibilities for career development (international)
  • Attractive salary, different extra legal advantages and a dynamic business environment
  • Gross monthly salary is around € 4,000 to € 4,200 for candidates with 2-3 years of experience
  • This corresponds to approximate net monthly salaries (i.e. after deduction of all taxes) of € 2,300
  • Gross monthly salary is around € 5,000 for candidates with more than 3 years of experience
  • This corresponds to approximate net monthly salaries (i.e. after deduction of all taxes) of € 2,600
  • Monthly salaries are paid 13,92 times per year
  • This translates into a net yearly salary (after taxes) of approximately € 32,000 to € 36,200
  • A monthly net expense allowance of € 125
  • An interesting holiday plan
  • A state-of-the-art Group insurance is provided (hospitality, disability and pension), 2/3 being paid for by the employer and 1/3 being paid by the employee

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