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Emissions Broker

Carbon trading is a financial discipline created in our firm several years ago in response to the launch of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) – a pan European initiative by which the EU has become a leader in implementing risk the management obligations of companies which resulted from the adoption of the Kyoto protocol in 1997. In practice this means that, we as a financial intermediary, help our clients manage their energy and emissions risk by trading their positions. As we are expanding our business internationally, we are looking for a professional for our Emissions Trading desk in Prague, aimed at Poland.

We expect candidates to: 
• speak fluent Polish, good English (Czech or Slovak is a plus); 
• be ethical, dynamic, ambitious and creative; 
• have a good education; 
• is prepared to work in Prague. 

We offer: 
• competitive compensation with a % share on the profit earned; 
• day to day involvement in new transactions; 
• great challenge - the possibility to become a head of the whole brokerage business in Poland in the near future. 

• resurrection of our Carbon business positions in Poland; 
• trading on the exchange or via OTC; 
• take care of the brokerage business in Poland overall - daily communication with the clients, 
contract and price negotiations, invoicing, market´s news watching and understand. 

spy Contact:
Pravda Capital s.r.o.
Pobřežní 620/3, 186 00 Praha, Česká republika
Tel: +420 602 733 105


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