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FileNet Developers

Kraj: Holandia

In the position of FileNet Developer you’ll be responsible for the design of FileNet on the basis of the by the architect delivered business information. Besides this you’ll also be responsible for the customization in FileNet P8 and Java.

What are your skills:
To be able to qualify for the above position you’ll besides a Bachelor or Master degree need to have the following competencies and experience:
You’ve a minimum of 3 years proven experience with FileNet;
You’ve knowledge of several aspects of process- and workflow management;
You’ve good communicative and written skills;
You’ve experience with working in a team;
You’re flexible, able to handle stress, result oriented and a good quality awareness.

What Palani offers:

Palani offers you the opportunity to develop your existing skills and competencies within a professional organisation like Inter Access. Inter Access has a strong position in the area of portal and SOA solutions.
Besides this we offer a good terms of employment and an open and informal working environment. Palani’s customers / partners have the same work and organisational opinions and ethics. We also offer a range of possibilities to further develop your talents and skills
If you think you fit the profile as mentioned above then please send a detailed CV to:


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